Cole Harbour Commons off-leash / fetch / dog-friendly?

Soaking Up Summer at the Cole Harbour Commons

In honour of the long weekend, we’re celebrating this #FetchFriday a day early.

Glorious, wonderful summer has arrived in the HRM. Which means the winter off-leash sports fields are back to their regular status, i.e. no dogs allowed until November 1st. But we can’t complain. Nothing says summer quite like hordes of running, yelling (and adorable) kids in soccer jerseys and softball uniforms. 

Plus, as you may have noticed, once the warm weather arrives we don’t tend to spend much time in the City anyway. Between camping, weddings and beach days, we’re always on the move. That said, on a weekday evening in between road trips, we love to head outside for some fetch.

If you have a fetch-obsessed dog, you probably have your go-to spots. But it can be fun to try someplace new, especially if you’re running errands and the weather isn’t too hot to bring along your pooch.

So this week, we put the Cole Harbour Commons on our to-do list. And we were glad we did. On a Monday evening in June, this big, beautiful park tucked in behind Cole Harbour Place was a happening spot. But that didn’t stop us from fitting in a walk and a game of fetch. Because the area is so huge, we were able to find a quiet area away from the masses for Dal to chase the ball.


We also went for a stroll on the paved path around the park’s perimeter.


The Cole Harbour Commons may not have a proper “off-leash” area, but with the right dog and on the right day, it’s an awesome space for you and your pal to stretch your legs.


Here’s to wide open fields, summer nights with your best pal, and the long weekend ahead. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be in the woods.


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