Mainland Common


The Mainland Common is a rapidly expanding destination for dog lovers and trail walkers alike.  It offers one of the only public fenced-in off-leash dog parks in Halifax, including an open area for fetch, a pretty (but small) wooded area, and a separate section for small dogs only.  It is ideally located adjacent to the Mainland North Linear Trail, which spans from Fairview to Kearney Lake.  And if you’re looking to go for a quiet walk in the woods, there are some newly developed and picturesque trails to explore, most notably the Mainland Common Loop.  Unfortunately, these trails are all strictly on-leash.

The fenced-in dog park has a rain barrel for filling your dog’s dish and a shelter for rainy days. But if you’re going here on a rainy day, make sure you bring a towel for those muddy paws.  The park is bound to get very muddy.

Check out my blog post for more information, and to read our unvarnished opinions on the Mainland Common.

How to Get There

For now I have listed the Mainland Common under Halifax Peninsula, but this is misleading. It’s actually  in Clayton Park. It is located off Willett Street in between Dunbrack Street and Lacewood Drive.  From Willett, turn onto Westridge Drive and drive to the very end.