Crystal Crescent Beach

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Whenever I have friends visit, I take them to Crystal Crescent Beach. It’s such a stunner. I’m talking bright sand and crystal blue waters. It’s easily the most beautiful beach (that I’ve been to) within an hour’s drive of the City.

The beach isn’t huge, and it’s also well-used. This means it’s not very dog-friendly. There is, however, a fantastic hiking trail at the south end of the beach. To get to it, just continue along the boardwalk past the nude beach. I’m not sure how far the trail goes. We walked about half an hour before turning around.

How to Get There

You can get there via North West Arm Drive (which turns into Old Sambro Road) or Herring Cove Road (which turns into Ketch Harbour Road). See below for directions, or you can check out this map.

North West Arm Drive/Old Sambro Road

From the Bicentennial Hwy (Hwy 102, aka the Bi-Hi) take exit 1D onto North West Arm Drive.  Head south for about 35km. It becomes the Old Sambro Road (NS-306). When you reach the end, you’ll be in Sambro.

Turn right on W Pennant Road, drive for 1.4km then turn left on E Pennant Road. Take the second left onto Sambro Creek Road, continue for 750m then turn right onto Crystal Crescent Beach Road. The parking lot is at the end of the Road.

Herring Cove Road/Ketch Harbour Road

From the Armdale Rotary, drive along Herring Cove Road (which turns into Ketch Harbour Road for about 26km. Once you reach Sambro, make sure you turn left onto W Pennant Road. Don’t continue straight onto Old Sambro Road – this takes you back to the City. Once you’re on W Pennant Road, follow the second half of the directions from above.