Hemlock Ravine Park


Hemlock Ravine Park is one of the oldest parks in the HRM, if not the oldest. It’s a Bedford institution. Centrally located between the Bedford Highway and the Bicentennial Highway (the Bi-Hi, or Hwy 102), this park features kilometres of well-maintained trails through beautiful wooded ravines (hence the name). There is even a cute little heart-shaped pond.

In terms of dog-friendliness, the park receives a B-. The Governor’s Loop trail is designated off-leash (yay), but only at certain times (boo). The designated times are 9:00 to 11:00am and 5:00 to 8:00pm. You can read my thoughts on this in this blog post. In addition to the time restrictions, another downside is that you have to walk on-leash for about ten minutes to get to Governor’s Loop.

There are a number of different trails in this park. You can read about our walk on the Cabin Lake Trail here.

How to Get There

The park is nestled in between the Bicentennial Highway (Hwy 102) and the Bedford Highway, and there are a bunch of different entrances.  We used the one at the end of Kent Avenue, which you can access directly off the Bedford Hwy. It’s the entrance right by the heart-shaped bond. There is a small parking lot there.