Halifax Peninsula

Halifax Peninsula offers a few solid and very handy options for spending time with your best friend.  The shining star is of course Point Pleasant Park, but there are some other lesser-known places worth checking out, especially if you live on the Halifax Peninsula and don’t have access to a vehicle, or you’re in the area and you want to go for a quick outing.

Ashburn Golf Course

Get ready to be blown away. Ashburn Golf Club – yes, that beautiful members-only golf course just minutes from the downtown core – is dog-friendly. Every year, it opens its doors to dogs and their humans during the winter months. It’s a totally unexpected move for a golf course, and we love it. Just make … Continue reading Ashburn Golf Course

Belchers Marsh Park in Clayton Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia with Off-Leash Dog

Belchers Marsh Park

Belchers Marsh Park features a vibrant marsh and a pretty winding trail in a very unexpected place: behind a bunch of apartment buildings in Clayton Park. The Belchers Marsh Park trail loops around Belchers Marsh, and across Parkland Drive you’ll find another loop around Little Belchers Pond. Both “loops” are great, and the entire trip is probably … Continue reading Belchers Marsh Park

Chain of Lakes Trail in Halifax, Nova Scotia is dog-friendly! A great place to go jogging with your dog

Chain of Lakes Trail

This 7-kilometer urban greenway starts at Joseph Howe Drive, across from the Superstore. It continues south to Bayer’s Lake, and then onward to Beechville, where it becomes the B.L.T. Trail.  It has a paved surface as well as kilometer markers, so it’s a nice trail for walking and jogging with your pooch. But because it’s so well … Continue reading Chain of Lakes Trail

Conrose Park

Conrose Park is a smaller urban park adjacent to the St. Mary’s Boat Club.  It’s nestled in between Jubilee Road and Coburg Road, and as it it turns out, it’s the perfect spot for a wintertime playdate. That’s because Conrose Park is on the list of HRM sports fields that turn into off-leash play spaces for the … Continue reading Conrose Park

Fort Needham Memorial Park

Fort Needham Memorial Park is home to the City’s most notable tribute to the Halifax Explosion. It’s also a fantastic fetch spot, offering a large grassy field that is off-leash approved!  In fact, Fort Needham Memorial Park is our favourite North End haunt (due in large part to the serious lack of options in this area). I am … Continue reading Fort Needham Memorial Park

Halifax Common

I haven’t spent a ton of time at Halifax Common in recent years, but for three months in summer 2010, I lived nearby and this was our go-to spot.  It’s a super convenient play area, and there are always lots of dogs around if you’re looking for a playmate. It’s not technically off-leash, there are … Continue reading Halifax Common

Mainland Common

The Mainland Common is a rapidly expanding destination for dog lovers and trail walkers alike.  It offers one of the only public fenced-in off-leash dog parks in Halifax, including an open area for fetch, a pretty (but small) wooded area, and a separate section for small dogs only.  It is ideally located adjacent to the Mainland … Continue reading Mainland Common

Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia Off-Leash Dog Friendly

Point Pleasant Park

If you don’t know about Point Pleasant Park, you either (a) don’t live in Halifax, or (b) live in Halifax, but under a very large rock.  Point Pleasant Park is to Halifax what Central Park is to NYC. It’s the motherload.  It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it’s very dog-friendly. My only hangup is there isn’t a … Continue reading Point Pleasant Park

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