We are excited to be slowly exploring more and more of this great area.  So far, our definite favourite has been Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes.  What’s your favourite Bedford haunt?

Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes

Pristine wilderness.  Long hikes.  Refreshing swims.  Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes reminds us why we call it the “great outdoors”. While not an off-leash area, what dog can resist a long walk in the woods, followed by an illicit swim in the lake? Just pay attention to where you’re going.  As we discovered, it’s very easy … Continue reading Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes

Hemlock Ravine Park

Hemlock Ravine Park is one of the oldest parks in the HRM, if not the oldest. It’s a Bedford institution. Centrally located between the Bedford Highway and the Bicentennial Highway (the Bi-Hi, or Hwy 102), this park features kilometres of well-maintained trails through beautiful wooded ravines (hence the name). There is even a cute little … Continue reading Hemlock Ravine Park

Sandy Lake Park

Sandy Lake Park has two different “modes”: off-season and beach season. During the off-season, almost all of the park is off-leash. The only exception is the beach. Dogs aren’t allowed on the beach any time of year, even if they’re on a leash. We’re okay with that, since the off-leash area is so wonderful. When the … Continue reading Sandy Lake Park

One thought on “Bedford

  1. Sybil nunn says:

    Hello,. Sandy Lake park is 99% off leash year round. The only exception is in the summer when the gate is open the main road for safety reasons is on leash. Otherwise you are correct about the beach being dog free year round. However if you go in winter a large doggie group meets up there

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