Russell Lake & Morris Lake


I have spent time on this little trail system nearly every day for the past three years.  And every day I think, man, I love my neighbourhood.  The trail wraps around not just one, but two lakes, and offers a little bit of everything: fresh-water access, wildlife (I have spotted many birds, beavers, snakes and even a deer), spots to play fetch both on land and in water, and the convenience of being right beside the Portland Street Superstore, Woodlawn Library, and more.  I will often take D for a walk and play, and then stop at the grocery store or library on the way home.

A quick note about the two fetch spots we use, namely the sports fields at Portland Estates Elementary School and the grassy area at the Morris Lake boat launch.  These are not fenced-in areas, and neither spot is designated as off-leash.  We use them off-leash anyway.  I plan to soon do a post about my thoughts on going off-leash in on-leash areas.

How to Get There

This trail begins at Baker Drive near the car dealerships and the Portland Street McDonald’s, winds its way along Russell Lake, crosses Eisener Blvd (there was a marked crosswalk installed a couple of years ago in front of Woodlawn Library), continues through the woods along Eisener to the Morris Lake boat launch, and goes to the end of the Portland Estates Elementary School sports fields. There is a parking lot at the trailhead near the Portland Street McDonald’s, and you can also  park at the boat launch and the Elementary School sports fields.