Mic Mac Sports Fields


The Mic Mac Sports Fields are part of HRM’s Winter Off-Leash Sports Fields Program, which means the fields are gloriously, amazingly 100% off-leash from November 1st until May 1st.

There are two great big fields perfect for playing fetch.  One is almost entirely fenced in (but not quite).  When it’s dark, there is enough lighting from the street and the school to make this a great option for post-sunset playtime (more about this in my blog post).

How to Get There

The fields are located on Mic Mac Blvd, which is accessible from the Circumferential Hwy (take either the Woodland Ave or the Mic Mac Blvd exit).  I don’t think the ball fields are dog friendly, but the sports fields across the street, next to Crichton Park School, most definitely are.