Dog-Friendly Businesses in HRM

We thought these dog-friendly businesses deserved a shout-out.


Did you know that lots of retail stores in HRM are dog-friendly (assuming, of course, that your dog is people- and dog-friendly)? Click the links to see a full list of dog-friendly stores in each area.

  • Bayer’s Lake (TBA. I couldn’t find a readily available list of dog-friendly stores in Bayer’s Lake.)
  • Dartmouth Crossing (It looks like nearly every store in Dartmouth Crossing is dog-friendly. Woohoo!)
  • Patagonia (We love Patagonia. The Halifax location is located at 1496 Lower Water Street. It’s extremely dog-friendly!)
  • Quinpool Road (Click here to see a recent article on the Quinpool Road “Paws Here” program.)
  • Spring Garden Road (The Spring Garden Area Business Association used to have a list of dog-friendly stores on their website, but it looks like the list has been removed. Stay tuned for more information.)

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a restaurant that is dog-friendly inside (I actually don’t think this is even allowed, for health and safety reasons), but we have discovered that a number of restaurants are happy to let you have your dog on the perimeter of the patio. We’ll take it! Here are some of the places we have had good experiences with so far.


There are a ton of dog-friendly hotels in HRM.  Here are the ones we have stayed at, and would recommend.