Truro / Bible Hill Off-Leash Dog Park in Truro, Nova Scotia

Road Tripping to Truro

A couple of weekends ago, a friend suggested we take a little road trip to Truro to do some early Christmas shopping. “Drive from Halifax to Truro to go shopping?” I thought. This seemed a little counter-intuitive. Continue reading

Halifax Peninsula HRM Off-Leash Sports Fields

Dogventures After Dark: Halifax Peninsula Edition

Sadly, Halloween is done for another year. Although we didn’t do much to celebrate, Dallas had lots of fun doing tricks for treats last night. And besides, we think the day after Halloween – November 1st – is even more exciting. Why is that? Well, it’s the day that many of HRM’s off-leash sports fields “open” for the season, of course.

We are recognizing Opening Day with our second edition of Dogventures After Dark. In this special post, we are pitting Halifax Peninsula’s four off-leash sports against each other in a head to head competition. We wanted to know which field is best for after-dark dogventures. Continue reading