Halifax Peninsula HRM Off-Leash Sports Fields

Dogventures After Dark: Halifax Peninsula Edition

Sadly, Halloween is done for another year. Although we didn’t do much to celebrate, Dallas had lots of fun doing tricks for treats last night. And besides, we think the day after Halloween – November 1st – is even more exciting. Why is that? Well, it’s the day that many of HRM’s off-leash sports fields “open” for the season, of course.

We are recognizing Opening Day with our second edition of Dogventures After Dark. In this special post, we are pitting Halifax Peninsula’s four off-leash sports against each other in a head to head competition. We wanted to know which field is best for after-dark dogventures.

You may recall that in our first edition of Dogventures After Dark, we talked about how the morning and evening darkness can be a real downer for going on dogventures. It’s only the beginning of November, and already we are already feeling the darkness blahs. Our evening walks just aren’t want they used to be. For us, the key is to mix in a bit of variety (i.e. fetch games) to keep things interesting. But for that, you’ll need a well-lit off-leash sports field. So let’s get to it. I bring you…

Dogventures After Dark: Halifax Peninsula Edition

We visited Halifax Peninsula’s four off-leash sports fields (you can read more about this awesome program here) and ranked each on the basis of lighting, fencing, and overall safety. Which off-leash field came out on top? You’ll have to read on to find out…

The four contenders are (in no particular order): Conrose Park, Larry O’Connell Field, Lou Goddard Ball Diamond (aka Highland Park Baseball Field) and Merv Sullivan Sports Field.

Conrose Park

Lighting: 3/5
Fencing: 2/5
Safety: 3/5

Conrose Park is located on Conrose Avenue. We use the parking lot at the corner of Connaught Avenue and Jubilee Road. Conrose Park is a great spot for a muddy playdate. It’s also decent for an after-dark fetch game. The lighting is passable, and there are fences along the northern and western perimeter of the ball field.

Larry O’Connell Field

Lighting: 1/5
Fencing: 5/5
Safety: 1/5

Larry O’Connell Field is at 6691 Fourth Street (or at the corner Newton Avenue and Chebucto Road). This park actually becomes “off-leash” for the season on October 1st, rather than November 1st. It has excellent fencing, including latched gates. The biggest problem is it’s lack of lighting. Bring a flashlight.

Lou Goddard Ball Diamond (aka Highland Park Baseball Field)

Lighting: 3/5
Fencing: 4/5
Safety: 4/5

Lou Goddard Ball Diamond, at Highland Avenue and Woodbine Avenue in the North End, scored our highest overall rating. It’s a smaller space, but the lighting is decent, a fence goes around the entire perimeter with only a few gaps, and you’re surrounded by quiet residential streets on all four sides. This field feels much safer than all the others.

Merv Sullivan Sports Field

Lighting: 1/5
Fencing: 1/5
Safety: 1/5

Merv Sullivan Sports Field (at Novalea Drive, Glebe Street and Kencrest Avenue) ranked lowest on our list. There is no lighting, no fencing, and lots of hidden nooks. As a consequence, this field does not seem safe for after-dark dogventures.

Our final ranking for the Halifax Peninsula off-leash sports fields (after dark) is:

  1. Lou Goddard Ball Diamond (aka Highland Park Baseball Field) – 3.7
  2. Conrose Park – 2.7
  3. Larry O’Connell Field – 2.3
  4. Merv Sullivan Sports Field – 1

So there you have it. Lou Goddard Ball Diamond proves once again that small can be mighty! Stay safe out there during these dark winter months, friends.


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