Point Pleasant Park

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If you don’t know about Point Pleasant Park, you either (a) don’t live in Halifax, or (b) live in Halifax, but under a very large rock.  Point Pleasant Park is to Halifax what Central Park is to NYC. It’s the motherload.  It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it’s very dog-friendly.

My only hangup is there isn’t a ton of fresh-water access. On hot days we like to be lake-side. Oh, and I live kind of far away… And I often get lost in the trail system… But those are more “me” problems than PPP problems.  This park is simply incredible.

There are several large off-leash trails and areas. Dogs aren’t allowed along Sailors Memorial Way after 10:00 am. Be sure to consult the trail map at the park entrances, and to respect the signage throughout the Park.

We recently reacquainted ourselves with this Halifax icon. To read the blog post, click here. And if you’re looking for even more information about Point Pleasant Park from a dog lover’s perspective, check out this amazing blog dedicated entirely to just that: Dogs 4 Point Pleasant Park.

How to Get There

Point Pleasant Park is located at the south end of the Halifax Peninsula. There are two main entrances.  Once is at the end of Tower Road and the other is at the end of Marginal Road. We like the Marginal Road entrance because you can park right by an off-leash trail, whereas at the Tower Road entrance you need to keep your dog on-leash for about 200m. It can make a difference.

To see the park entrances on a map, click here.

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