Sir Sandford Fleming Park (aka “The Dingle”) is a Surprise Hit

You may call it Sir Sandford Fleming Park, Dingle Park or just The Dingle. We’re calling it the blog’s biggest surprise hit to date. The thing is, we had been to Dingle Park a few times before. But we had always stuck to the beach and playground area. It wasn’t until we (dog)ventured there last weekend that we realized just how much more this park has to offer. Continue reading

A Spectacle Lake Stroll and a Super Simple DIY Dog Blanket

The past few days (and probably this weekend) aside, it’s hard to deny that we’ve had an easy winter. The weather in Halifax has been unseasonably warm, and who can remember the last time we had to shovel snow? Suffice to say Halifax has redeemed itself from last year, and we’ve been taking full advantage.

The best part about the warmer weather is that the lakes have completely thawed. Obviously, this means Dallas is back in the water. Lucky for us, last weekend we found a perfect swimming spot… And it was in the heart of Burnside. Who would have thought? Continue reading