Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes


Pristine wilderness.  Long hikes.  Refreshing swims.  Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes reminds us why we call it the “great outdoors”.

While not an off-leash area, what dog can resist a long walk in the woods, followed by an illicit swim in the lake?

Just pay attention to where you’re going.  As we discovered, it’s very easy to get lost (see blog post here).

How to Get There

Take the Bedford Hwy, Dunbrack Street, or Highway 102 (the Bi-Hi), then turn onto Kearney Lake Road.  Once you go under the Bi-Hi (or turn off of it), continue on Kearney Lake Road for 350m, then turn left onto Hamshaw Drive.  Note: If you’re on Kearney Lake Road and Kearney Lake is on your left, you’ve gone too far.

Once on Hamshaw Drive, take the first right onto Saskatoon Ave.  Continue to the end of Saskatoon Ave.