I’ve used some handy symbols to let you know what’s available at each of the destinations listed on the Parks Directory.  Here is what they mean.

Parking/No Parking

Logo_Parking Parking lot available.

Logo_NoParking No parking lot, but you’ll probably be able to find on-street parking close by.

On-Leash/Off-Leash/Fenced Area

Off-Leash Colour There are designated off-leash areas.

On-Leash Colour This is a dog-friendly place, but signs say dogs must be on-leash, and there are no designated off-leash areas.

Fence Colour There is a fenced-in off-leash area.


Logo_Hike The terrain is rocky and not suitable for running or fetch.

Logo_Run There are paved or crushed gravel trails suitable for running.

Logo_Fetch There is an open grassy area suitable for playing fetch (but the area isn’t necessarily designated off-leash).

Water Access

Logo_Swim There is fresh water access (lake or pond) good for swimming (but the area isn’t necessarily designated off-leash).

Logo_Anchor There is salt water access (ocean) good for swimming (but the area isn’t necessarily designated off-leash).

Logo_WaterTap There is a water tap or fountain for drinking water.  This may include a washroom water tap that you could use to fill up a water dish.


Logo_Washrooms There are washrooms for humans available.  This may include an outhouse.


Logo_Trash There are trash cans available.

All graphics are by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Made with Logo Maker.