Armdale / Herring Cove / Purcell’s Cove

I get excited just thinking about all of the gems in this area that I have already discovered, or have yet to explore.  Armdale/Herring Cove/Purcell’s Cove is a huge area full of rugged landscapes, historic sites, and awesome dogventures just waiting to happen.

Crystal Crescent Beach

Whenever I have friends visit, I take them to Crystal Crescent Beach. It’s such a stunner. I’m talking bright sand and crystal blue waters. It’s easily the most beautiful beach (that I’ve been to) within an hour’s drive of the City. The beach isn’t huge, and it’s also well-used. This means it’s not very dog-friendly. There … Continue reading Crystal Crescent Beach

Duncan’s Cove

When I think of Duncan’s Cove, I think of rugged scenery, crashing waves, and solitude. This is your ideal trail for a long, quiet, uninterrupted hike on beautiful coastal N.S. Breathe in the salt air, watch the ocean do its thing, and remember why you love this Province. How to Get There From the Armdale Rotary, … Continue reading Duncan’s Cove

Long Lake Provincial Park dog-friendly

Long Lake Provincial Park

As of April 21, 2016, Long Lake Provincial Park offers two main options for dogventuring. St. Margaret’s Bay Road   The first option is the well-known, well-loved trail system off of St. Margaret’s Bay Road. The dirt pathways wind through the woods, and lead to a beautiful swimming oasis for dogs and humans. When I lived in Halifax … Continue reading Long Lake Provincial Park

Sir Sandford Fleming Park (Dingle Park)

You may call it Sir Sandford Fleming Park, Dingle Park or just The Dingle. We’re calling it a surprise hit. You may call it Sir Sandford Fleming Park, Dingle Park or just The Dingle. We’re calling it a surprise hit. Check out the blog post to see why.

Dingle Park offers some great landscapes for a walk, jog or a sneaky game of fetch. It also has a pretty cool history.

York Redoubt

  York Redout is an impressive National Historic Site situated on a bluff overlooking Ferguson’s Cove at the entrance to Halifax Harbour.  While not technically off-leash, from Labour Day until the end of June, the park is closed for business, so it’s pretty deserted. It’s also a very cool place. You can hang out with your pooch and take … Continue reading York Redoubt