Truro / Bible Hill Off-Leash Dog Park in Truro, NS

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The Truro/Bible Hill Off-Leash Dog Park is an excellent example of what every fenced-in off-leash dog park should be: big, pretty and with varied terrain (to keep things fun and interesting). There are wide open fields for fetching and tree-lined paths for strolling. There is a sheltered picnic table so you can stay dry while your pooch plays. There is even a pond. And you can enjoy it all without having to worry about your dog running off, because the entire park is surrounded by a chain link fence.

To learn more about the Truro/Bible Hill Off-Leash Dog Park, check out the blog post.

How to Get There

The dog park is located at the northern edge of town, where Marshland Drive intersects with Park Street.

You can also check out the map.