Conrad’s Beach

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If I could marry a beach, I would marry Conrad’s Beach (… or is it Conrods Beach?). My love for Conrad’s Beach is never-ending. In the future I will do a blog post about my favourite HRM beaches, and it will be about Conrad’s Beach and that’s it.

I have heard people say that Conrad’s Beach is the “dog beach” and I completely agree.  That’s why we love it.  There are no washrooms, change rooms, or ice cream stands, the parking situation is often scary, and likely for those reasons, you don’t see the crowds of people that you might see at other beaches around town. You can walk about five minutes down the beach, and have a nice big area to yourselves. Just keep in mind that the signs do say on-leash only.

Update: Great news! As you may know, for over a year, the boardwalk at Conrad’s Beach was completely out of commission.  As of July 2016, it has now been rebuilt, and it looks fantastic.

For more on Conrad’s Beach, and to read our tips for having a great beach day with your dog, check out this blog post.

How to Get There

Drive up Portland Street, or if you’re headed eastward on the Circumferenial Hwy (Hwy 111), take exit 7E onto Portland Street. Continue up Portland Street (which turns into Cole Harbour Road which turns into Lawrencetown Road) for 15km, then turn right at Conrad Road. The beach is at the end of the road.

You can also check out the map.

A tip on parking: There is no parking lot. You have to park along Conrad Road, specifically, the left side (if you’re driving to the beach). Don’t park on the right side. People sometimes park there despite the No Parking signs, and I’ve seen those people get ticketed or worse, towed. Parking can be really difficult on hot summer weekend days (I’m talking you may have to park nearly 1.5km away), but even on those days, if you get there before 11:00am it usually makes a big difference. Plus, I think we can all agree that morning beach is the best kind of beach.