Dartmouth – the City of Lakes! This can only mean good things for dogs who love to swim. There are indeed an abundance of swim-friendly places to explore with your dog in Dartmouth. In addition to iconic Shubie Park, there are lots of lesser known options to mix things up.

Cyril Smith Park

Because there isn’t a good fetch spot or an off-leash area, Cyril Smith Park doesn’t make it onto our “favourites list”, but it’s a nice option for a lakeside stroll or when you’re simply looking for a change of scenery. The trail goes along the shore of Albro Lake. It alternates between crushed gravel and … Continue reading Cyril Smith Park

Dartmouth Common Dog-Friendly Off-Leash

Dartmouth Common

When I first moved to the City, I dismissed Dartmouth Common because I just assumed it wouldn’t be dog-friendly. Coming from Fredericton, a decidedly dog-UNfriendly city, I was surprised to learn that a downtown greenspace had such a generous–and beautiful–off-leash area. While we don’t tend to go here on hot summer days because of a … Continue reading Dartmouth Common

Dartmouth Harbourwalk

The Dartmouth Harbourwalk is a trail that spans the Dartmouth waterfront from the Alderney Ferry Terminal to the Woodside Ferry Terminal. It is paved, well marked and only lightly used. Plus, it offers a darn good view of the City. It’s three kilometers in length, so it’s a great distance for a jog with your … Continue reading Dartmouth Harbourwalk

Graham’s Grove Park

This little gem in the heart of Dartmouth is the kind of place you can drive by a hundred times and not notice. The park covers a small peninsula that juts out into Banook Lake, which makes for a lovely greenspace that is surrounded by water on three sides. There is a big open field perfect for … Continue reading Graham’s Grove Park

Mic Mac Sports Fields

The Mic Mac Sports Fields are part of HRM’s Winter Off-Leash Sports Fields Program, which means the fields are gloriously, amazingly 100% off-leash from November 1st until May 1st. There are two great big fields perfect for playing fetch.  One is almost entirely fenced in (but not quite).  When it’s dark, there is enough lighting … Continue reading Mic Mac Sports Fields

Russell Lake & Morris Lake

I have spent time on this little trail system nearly every day for the past three years.  And every day I think, man, I love my neighbourhood.  The trail wraps around not just one, but two lakes, and offers a little bit of everything: fresh-water access, wildlife (I have spotted many birds, beavers, snakes and … Continue reading Russell Lake & Morris Lake

Shubenacadie Trail in Waverley, Nova Scotia Off-Leash Dog Friendly

Shubenacadie Trail

The Shubenacadie Trail starts right around where Lake William feeds into the Shubenacadie Canal. Heading southward for about 6 km will take you into the amazing Shubie Park. But the Shubenacadie Trail is a beautiful destination in its own right.

Shubie Park

This sprawling park in the middle of Dartmouth has it all: kilometres of wooded trails, including a sizeable off-leash trail area; Sunrise Beach, an off-leash dog park on the shores of MicMac Lake for running, swimming, and making friends; many other places to access MicMac Lake and Lake Charles; and a Trans Canada Trail connection … Continue reading Shubie Park

Spider Lake Trails

The Spider Lake Trail system is a web of interconnected wooded trails spanning a huge area in Waverley.   The trails are popular among mountain bikers and ATVers, but on a snowy Saturday in January (for example), they make for a pretty great dogventure destination.  I’m not sure how long and far the trails extend, … Continue reading Spider Lake Trails