Beyond HRM

If you have a few hours (or a weekend) to spare, why not venture a bit further, outside of the HRM city limits? You’ll be glad you did.

Cape Split in Scots Bay, NS

Cape Split is an old favourite among Nova Scotia hikers, and for good reason. But this is one trail that has a lot more to do with the destination than the journey. The hike itself isn’t exceptional. It’s the destination that makes it all worthwhile. At the end, the trail opens up into a grassy field high on top … Continue reading Cape Split in Scots Bay, NS

Victoria Park in Truro, NS

Victoria Park in Truro, Nova Scotia is a perfect pit stop along the Trans Canada Highway, and it’s also a great destination in its own right. Featuring hiking trails, waterfalls, elevated boardwalks and lots of stairs, it’s a great spot for dogventuring. There are also public washrooms, picnic tables and a playground. There are no … Continue reading Victoria Park in Truro, NS