Dartmouth Common

When I first moved to the City, I dismissed Dartmouth Common because I just assumed it wouldn’t be dog-friendly. Coming from Fredericton, a decidedly dog-UNfriendly city, I was surprised to learn that a downtown greenspace had such a generous–and beautiful–off-leash area. While we don’t tend to go here on hot summer days because of a lack of water-access, it’s such fantastic option for people who live–or do weekend shopping (that’s me!)–in this area.

For more information, check out the blog post.

How to Get There

Dartmouth Common covers about ten blocks of downtown Dartmouth, in between Thistle Street and Park Ave (to the southeast of the Bridge Terminal).  There is street parking available along Park Ave, and there is a parking lot at the corner of Thistle Street and Wyse Road.

You can also check out the map.