Sir Sandford Fleming Park (Dingle Park)

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You may call it Sir Sandford Fleming Park, Dingle Park or just The Dingle. We’re calling it a surprise hit. Check out the blog post to see why.

Dingle Park offers some great landscapes for a walk, jog or a sneaky game of fetch.  It also has a pretty cool history.

There are several water access points for going for a dip in the Northwest Arm, if you’re so inclined. Halifax has made great progress with its cleanup of the Arm… But be sure to stay out of the water if there has been heavy rain in the past three days.

How to Get There

From the Armdale Rotary, take the exit onto Herring Cove Road.  Drive for 450m before turning left onto Purcell’s Cove Road.  Continue on Purcell’s Cove Road for 1.4 km, then turn left onto Dingle Road.  Continue down Dingle Road until you reach a large parking lot.

You can also check out this map.