Duncan’s Cove

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When I think of Duncan’s Cove, I think of rugged scenery, crashing waves, and solitude. This is your ideal trail for a long, quiet, uninterrupted hike on beautiful coastal N.S. Breathe in the salt air, watch the ocean do its thing, and remember why you love this Province.

How to Get There

From the Armdale Rotary, follow the Herring Cove Road (which turns into the Ketch Harbour Road) for 18.8km. Turn left on Chebucto Head Road and drive for 900m before turning right on Duncan’s Cove Road. The trailhead is on the right, close to the end of Duncan’s Cove Road.

You can also check out this map.

You’ll have to park on the road, but we haven’t had any issues.


3 thoughts on “Duncan’s Cove

  1. D.Gusset says:

    It should be stressed that Duncans Cove is a designated Nature Reserve, not a park. It is protected under Nova Scotia’s Special Places Protection Act.
    This means that the habitats and species are vulnerable to disturbance and damage; recreation is restricted.
    Dogs should be kept on leash and must stay on trail at all times.
    Please be mindful and respect all bordering private property. The gravel driveway that leads to the beginning of the trail crosses several private properties and has recently been posted with No Trespassing signs.

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