York Redoubt

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York Redout is an impressive National Historic Site situated on a bluff overlooking Ferguson’s Cove at the entrance to Halifax Harbour.  While not technically off-leash, from Labour Day until the end of June, the park is closed for business, so it’s pretty deserted. It’s also a very cool place. You can hang out with your pooch and take in some history (and some stunning views) while you’re at it.  In between the fort and the shoreline there are wooded trails with a few neat sites along the way. We highly recommend York Redoubt for your next dogventure. For more, check out the blog post.

Note: If you’re interested in seeing inside of the buildings, make sure to attend during the summer months, between 8am and 8pm.

How to Get There

York Redoubt is only a 20-minute drive outside of the downtown core.  From the Armdale Rotary, take the exit onto Herring Cove Road.  Drive for 450m before turning left onto Purcell’s Cove Road.  Continue on Purcell’s Cove Road for 7.9km, then turn left onto Ferguson’s Cove Road.  The parking lot will be on your right.

You can also check out this map.