Big News and Big Views

Get ready, guys. This post is a big one. I get to share some exciting news with you. I also get to tell you about one incredible dogventure.

First, the news. I knew it was time for me to get serious about giving more of myself back to my fantastic community. And I knew it had to be in a way that would help the most selfless and the most vulnerable: dogs, of course. An organization called ElderDog immediately caught my eye (and my heart).


Have you heard of it? Its mission is to help aging dogs and aging people. The idea is that the dog-human bond is an incredibly powerful one (but we already knew that). ElderDog aims to prolong that bond for as long as possible, by providing help to seniors in caring for their dogs. ElderDog also helps with finding new homes for older dogs whose lives have been disrupted by the sickness, relocation or death of their human. So, yeah. ElderDog is awesome.

I’ll be stepping into the role of Leader for the Dartmouth, Nova Scotia chapter (or Pawd, as ElderDog calls them). I couldn’t be more excited about it! I’ll be sure to keep you updated about how it’s going and ways you can help out your local Pawd. Because really… Dogs and seniors… This stuff sells itself.

Now on the the dogventure. The stars aligned for us last Saturday morning. We headed for another new-to-us place, a bit unsure of what to expect. It would soon become one of the coolest dogventures we’ve ever had.

I am trying to pin down why, exactly, I loved this week’s destination so much. Call me a weirdo, but I actually think it’s because it was kind of creepy.

It wasn’t a bright day, except for a small streak of sun on the horizon. And when we arrived at York Redoubt National Historic Site, it was completely deserted. Add in a bunch of shut-down 18th- and 19th century military buildings, and you’ve got yourself a pretty cool setting.

York Redoubt was originally constructed in 1793. Built on a bluff overlooking the entrance to the Halifax Harbour, the redoubt was well-placed to defend the harbour from enemy ships.

We spent some time wandering around the fort, before realizing that there are wooded trails at the rear, in between the fort and the shoreline. I felt like we had discovered a secret place. Walking along the trails, we discovered even more historic gems.

We eventually made our way downhill to Sleepy Cove, and came across the coolest find of all: the Sandwich Point Battery.

Discovering this derelict old war structure was the icing on the cake for us. It even made the hike back up the hill worthwhile.

So if you like creepy, be sure to check out York Redout on a gloomy winter’s day. Just don’t forget to bring your trusted guard dog. (Who am I kidding – Dallas is afraid of her own shadow.)



4 thoughts on “Big News and Big Views

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks so much, Jayme! Glad you’re enjoying the photos (I have way too much fun taking them). And yeah, we’re pretty pumped about ElderDog! It seems like a very well-run organization, with an awesome mission.


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