Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia Off-Leash Dog Friendly

Point Pleasant Park: It’s for the dogs.

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about Point Pleasant Park until now. I mean, it’s pretty unlikely that this is the first you’re hearing of this huge (nearly 200-acre) wooded playground at the southernmost point of the Halifax peninsula. But maybe you don’t know just how dog friendly this park is.  Continue reading

Conrad's Beach in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia is Off-Leash Dog Friendly

The Dog Days of Summer at Conrad’s Beach

Beach days. With dogs. I really can’t imagine anything better.

Admittedly, taking a dog to the beach can be tough. There’s a lot going on. If it’s a beach day, the weather is probably hot. And if you’re going to a saltwater beach, you’ll need to lug lots of drinking water with you, for you and your pooch. But with the right dog, the right beach, and the right attitude, beach days with dogs can be heaven.  Continue reading