Plans for Fort Needham Park Present Another Blow to North End Dog Owners

It’s Christmas Eve!  Which means I am home for the holidays in New Brunswick; the stockings are hung; the egg nog is chilling.  Life is good.  I had planned to sit down to do a quick post before putting away the laptop for the next couple of days, but that was an hour ago.  In follow up to Martha’s post last week, I was working on adding Fort Needham Memorial Park to the directory when I fell down a rabbit hole.  But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

As Martha mentioned last week, Fort Needham Memorial Park is home to the City’s most notable tribute to the Halifax Explosion. It’s also a fantastic fetch spot, offering a large grassy field that is off-leash approved!  In fact, Fort Needham Memorial Park is our favourite North End haunt (due in large part to the serious lack of options in this area).


With the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion on the horizon (December 6, 2017), HRM plans to use this as an opportunity to develop a “Master Plan” for the park.  A public meeting was held on October 1, 2015, to discuss ways to improve the park and enhance its “commemorative” aspects.  Continue reading

Fort Needham Park Scores Two Paws Up from Our First Guest Blogger

I am beyond excited to introduce you guys to my first guest blogger, and one of my oldest and loveliest friends: Martha aka Gordy’s Mom! When I told Mar how my planned post for this week had gone to the dogs (yup, it was a real dog’s breakfast), she quickly and graciously offered to carry the torch (leash? .. okay, I’ll stop) this week. Because she’s just that kind of friend. So here it is: Fort Needham Park from the eyes of a true North Ender (and his mom).  Continue reading

Graham's Grove Park with dog

Graham’s Grove Park and What Can Happen When You Break the Rules

Graham’s Grove Park is one of those little nooks you can drive by a hundred times and hardly notice. It covers a small peninsula that juts out into Lake Banook, making for a lovely green space that is surrounded by water on three sides.

We decided to explore this gem a few weeks ago after the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Sullivan’s Pond Cenotaph. If you were there, I was the one in the back with the black lab going bonkers. Continue reading