Long Lake Provincial Park new Lakeview Trail dog-friendly

New Long Lake Trail is Top Notch. Here’s Why We Won’t Be Going Back.

Last week was a big week for outdoor enthusiasts in HRM. We became the proud owners of a brand new trail system at Long Lake Provincial Park, which opened last Friday to coincide with Earth Day. And what a trail it is.  Continue reading

DogRunnin at Cole Harbour/Lawrencetown Coastal Heritage Park

Do you have a long list of things you’ve “always wanted to try”? I think most of us have that list, whether it’s written down or not. The things we think we’d like to do, but we can’t seem to get around to trying. Something keeps holding us back. Work is too busy, it’s not the right time, we don’t have the right gear or the right outfit… Or maybe we’re just holding ourselves back.

There’s no question that stepping outside of the comfort zone can be… well, uncomfortable. But this week, it was time. I finally took the plunge. I did canicross!  Continue reading