Shubie Park

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This sprawling park in the middle of Dartmouth has it all: kilometres of wooded trails, including a sizeable off-leash trail area; Sunrise Beach, an off-leash dog park on the shores of MicMac Lake for running, swimming, and making friends; many other places to access MicMac Lake and Lake Charles; and a Trans Canada Trail connection if you want to go for a long walk or jog.

Update (June 24, 2016): There has been some strange (and dangerous) stuff going on at Sunrise Beach lately. You can read about it here.

How to Get There

A ton of different access points make this an easy-to-get-to park.  Here are the main options for getting there by vehicle. You can also check out the map.

Main Entrance

From downtown Dartmouth, drive northeast on Prince Albert Road.  Prince Albert Road becomes Waverley Road.  If you’re headed northwest on the Circumferential Hwy (NS-111), take exit 6 to Waverley Road.  If you’re headed southeast on the Circumferential Hwy, take exit 6A to Waverley Road.  Continue on Waverley Road for 2.2km, then turn left on Locks Road.  The main entrance to the park is at the end of Locks Road.

Lock 2 Entrance

A preferred entrance for dog people, because it gets you closer to Sunrise Beach.  Follow the directions to the Main Entrance, but once you’re on Locks Road, don’t drive to the end.  Instead, take the second left turn and drive to the end.

Dartmouth Crossing Entrance

This hidden gem offers great convenience and is, in my opinion, wildly underused.  It’s our preferred entrance because on days that aren’t too hot or too cold, I can run some errands at Dartmouth Crossing and then treat ourselves to a long walk in the park.  It’s easy to get to.  Once in Dartmouth Crossing, drive to the east end of Shubie Drive (that’s the road Cineplex is on).  There is a walking bridge so you can safely cross the highway.

Waverley Entrance / Shubenacadie Trail

This isn’t really an entrance to Shubie unless you’re looking to go for a long walk or jog.  But you can indeed get to Shubie from the Shubenacadie Trail.  From the Shubenacadie Trail parking lot, continue southward for about 4 km, and you’ll reach Shubie Park.