High Head Trail in Halifax / HRM with Off-Leash Dog

High Head Trail Might be HRM’s Best-Kept Secret

Not far from the City, nestled in between Peggy’s Cove and Duncan’s Cove, is the lesser known Prospect Bay.

And sitting on a tiny peninsula that juts out into the mouth of the Bay, you’ll find the heart of the little community known as Prospect.

This breathtaking peninsula is a sight to be seen in its own right.  Add to that the most perfect coastal hiking trail… and you have yourself one incredible dogventure. 

The High Head Trail is part of an area known as the Dr. Bill Freedman Nature Reserve. From my (extremely limited) research, I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard of the Trail or the Nature Reserve (until now). For some reason, this amazing place manages to stay under the radar. Which, I think, adds to its remarkable charm.

First, a bit about Dr. Bill Freedman. Dr. Freedom was a long-time volunteer and major contributor to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. He was an ecologist and former Chair of the Department of Biology at Dalhousie University. Dr. Freedman died almost exactly a year ago, at his home in Halifax, at the age of 65. You can read a bit more about him in this CBC article.

People like Dr. Freedman, and places like the High Head Trail, are pretty much the reason I started this blog. I think everyone needs to know about them.

I know I say this a lot. But this might be our new favourite trail. The High Head Trail offers a varied terrain, without being overly challenging. The views are stunning. And on this particular mild October day, we were treated to calm waters and a warm breeze.

There were some awesome birds (type unknown). There was a beautiful rocky cove. And there were some fantastic spots to sit and take it all in.

Like this awesome rock…

What makes this trail even more ideal is it’s length. At 4 kilometres each way, and going at a very leisurely pace, the High Head Trail made for a perfect 2-hour dog-friendly Saturday seaside stroll. And there was hardly anyone else around.

Looking to recharge your soul on an easy hike with your canine and human companions this Thanksgiving long weekend? The High Head Trail is just the ticket. And I guarantee you’ll come out of it feeling pretty darn thankful.

Happy Fetch Friday, friends.


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