Cabin Lake Trail – For Winter, Summer and Everything in Between

Having a go-to trail within walking distance of your home is priceless. I just think it’s so great to be able to go for a walk with your dog without having to drive somewhere. It makes those weekday evening walks so much easier, and less time in the car makes us (me and Dallas) so much happier. 

img_9793It will be obvious from the photos that we visited the Cabin Lake Trail in Bedford many weeks ago. But that is the great thing about these urban trails – they are accessible anytime of year. So whether it’s winter, summer, or in between, you can get your daily dose of fresh air and one on one time with your BDF.

The Cabin Lake Trail borders the northern edge of Hemlock Ravine Park. It does not actually connect with the trails in Hemlock Ravine Park, but it offers a beautiful, rolling stroll that takes about fifteen minutes each way.

You can access the trail on either end. We parked on Starboard Drive (off Larry Uteck Blvd) and made our way westward, towards the other end at Transom Drive. It was one of those perfect, sparkly winter days that makes you remember why you live in Canada.


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