Crescent Beach in Lockeport, NS - a beautiful, dog-friendly beach

This is Crescent Beach in Lockeport, Nova Scotia. Let’s Face It. We’re Spoiled.

This week’s dogventure took us outside the City limits to the rugged and beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia. Not only were we #blessed with some fabulous weather, but in between gorging on seafood and relaxing with family and friends, we managed to score some playtime at this stunning beach… 

This gem is Crescent Beach (not to be confused with Crystal Crescent Beach). This one is located in the small town of Lockeport, Nova Scotia (a mere two hours’ drive from Halifax – click here for directions). And as you can see, we had it all to ourselves.

In fact, I’ve been to this beach a few times, and I’ve never seen more than a handful of people there. It’s pretty unbelievable.

After living in this Province for four years, I am only now starting to realize just how spoiled we Nova Scotians are. There are so many pristine beaches… and lakes and hikes and much more. I just love it. This summer, we’re making an effort to hit up some new-to-us places. So far, we have a few awesome dogventures planned. Stay tuned.

On a related note, did any of you see this CBC News article, published yesterday: “Nova Scotia’s piping plovers still plagued by off-leash dogs”? The article talks about the concern that off-leash dogs on beaches are an epidemic that is threatening the already declining piping plover population. I’m torn. On the one hand, I’m not convinced that dogs on a beach are more of a threat to piping plovers than humans. But my dog doesn’t chase birds, and she certainly wouldn’t kill one. On the other hand, I have no valid reason to doubt what Sue Abbott (the biologist quoted in the article) is saying. I guess I just don’t like it. We love the beach. Ms. Abbott also says that everyone (dogs and humans included) should stay on the wet sand, and off of the dry sand, because piping plovers lay their eggs in the dry sand. What do you think? Did you know there are only approximately 100 piping plovers left in Nova Scotia (down from about 120 in 1991)?

That’s it for this week. Happy Fetch Friday, everyone.



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