Anderson Lake in Bedford, Nova Scotia is dog-friendly... sort of

A Sneaky Dogventure at Anderson Lake

In a previous post, I talked about how we often look for new places to go dogventuring by simply scanning Google Maps for nearby green (and blue) spaces. It’s a shot-in-the-dark approach that has lead us to all kinds of places, some incredible, and some downright confusing.

I can’t decide how to categorize this week’s dogventure. On the one hand, we found a beautiful lakeside hideout. On the other hand, we had to trespass to get there. 

On the map, Anderson Lake looked promising. Just off the highway, a road leading to the lakeside… we had to check it out. From Hwy 111 (the Circumferential Highway), we took exit 2W towards Sackville/Bedford. We continued on route 7 for about five minutes, before taking a nondescript exit onto Pewter Lane (signs for the Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot).

It wasn’t hard to find. Unfortunately, that promising looking road to the lake was barricaded and marked with a military Do Not Trespass sign. But since my GPS was telling me it was only a 1-kilometre walk, I couldn’t help but go exploring. Luckily, Dallas was up for it.

It was an easy ten-minute walk along a dirt road.

The lake itself is beautiful, peaceful, and totally deserted. There is a small gravel boat launch, and a concrete structure perfect for (dog) diving. The water looked heavenly.

While I don’t want to encourage going trespassing on military property, I can’t deny that Dallas and I had quite a nice evening dogventuring at Anderson Lake…  So in the end, we’re calling this one a “win”. But be careful out there, friends!



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