Graham's Grove Park with dog

Graham’s Grove Park and What Can Happen When You Break the Rules

Graham’s Grove Park is one of those little nooks you can drive by a hundred times and hardly notice. It covers a small peninsula that juts out into Lake Banook, making for a lovely green space that is surrounded by water on three sides.

We decided to explore this gem a few weeks ago after the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Sullivan’s Pond Cenotaph. If you were there, I was the one in the back with the black lab going bonkers. Continue reading

Mic Mac Sports Fields off-leash dog-friendly

Dogventures After Dark

Happy #fetchfriday! It’s almost the weekend, and this time of year, that means it’s almost time for sweatpants, crafting, and of course, bundling up for a dogventure or two.

Is it just me, or did it get a lot colder this week? Although it looks like temperatures will be going up a bit this weekend, there is no longer any denying that for better or for worse, winter is upon us. Continue reading