White Rapids Adventure Trail in Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick Off-Leash Dog Friendly

White Rapids Adventure Trail: A Unique Park That Combines Nature and Art in the Most Wonderful Way

In this week’s post, I am taking you outside of the HRM, and outside of the Province, to the coolest little park I have ever seen. I wanted to share this park with you, not just because it’s a great spot to take dogs (although Dallas did love it there), but more because it’s such a unique and beautiful park. I can’t believe I only recently heard of it, despite living in the surrounding area for a collective nine years. 

I’m talking about White Rapids Adventure Trail in Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick. This park may be small, but it is mighty. The half-kilometre trail wanders through a beautiful forest, in between some pretty awesome trail art, and alongside the park’s namesake: the “white rapids”.

First, a bit about the “rapids”. This part of the North Oromocto River is quite shallow, with many large, flat rocks exposed above the surface. During certain times of year, this causes a white rapid effect. When my amazing mom took me there two weeks ago, the water level was low, and the river was calm, so there weren’t any rapids. But Dallas loved splashing in the shallow pools of cool, clear water, and hopping from rock to rock. I bet kids (and adults) would love this, too.

You know what else kids would just love? The trail art. A collection of whimsical wooden sculptures – many with a lesson to teach – dot the park, making this walk a magical and educational experience for the young and old alike. I am told that the sculptures are a labour of love by local artist and conservation activist, Robin Hanson. They make visiting the White Rapids Adventure Trail a decidedly unique and fun experience. And you can learn a bit about the place’s history and the importance of preserving today’s scarce resources for the future.

There is also a local history museum on site, the Currie House Museum. Contact the museum in advance to check their hours.

So pack a picnic, bring the kids, the dog, and enjoy an afternoon at this hidden gem in Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick. Whether you’re a local or just passing through town, the White Rapids Adventure Trail is a treat for everyone.


Happy Fetch Friday!

2 thoughts on “White Rapids Adventure Trail: A Unique Park That Combines Nature and Art in the Most Wonderful Way

  1. Melissa Wilson says:

    I am originally from Fredericton Junction and I too just love the little Park and I walk through it many times when I go home. We are so fortunate that Robin Hanson saw the potential in developing the area into a park and many of the residents put lots of hours in loving hours into the venture.
    Thank you for writing about it.

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    • halifaxdogmom says:

      I completely agree, Melissa! Fredericton and Oromocto are lucky to have Robin Hanson on their team. And we are lucky to have this little gem! I am so glad my mom took me there. I can’t wait to visit in the fall.


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